When looking for a way to improve English writing skills, choosing the best method is entirely dependent on you. Your current professional and personal circumstances, your writing skill level, how much time and effort you can spend on learning, etc. Will all play a part in the decision.
For example, if your mother tongue is not English and you are just beginning to learn how to write in English, your best bet would be one of the many excellent courses out there that are geared towards learning English as a foreign language. Make sure the tutor or school you choose is accredited (usually, they will have TEFL accreditation - this stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

There are also many great video and audio courses available both in retailers and online. Read as much as you can in the styles, formats or genres you would like to explore. Reading not only improves your vocabulary and level of comprehension, it also gives you a kind of 'writer's sense'. It raises your awareness of style conventions, makes grammar feel more natural, shows you what does work, and - crucially - what does not work.
If you would like to improve your business English, search the web for business documents - annual reports, open letters, mission statements, business plans. Search for common mistakes in business English, and you will quickly learn what to avoid.
Likewise, if you would like to improve your technical writing skills, have a look at technical documents. Keep abreast of news in your chosen field, especially when it comes to terminology - new jargon and acronyms abound.

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If you are having a hard time with academic essay or paper writing, many universities, colleges and other academic institutions offer weekend, part time and short courses in academic writing. There are also several online resources dedicated to the ins and outs of academic writing. If you can afford it, hire a copy-editor who specializes in this form of writing, and would be willing to give you comprehensive feedback.
If you are a professional creative writer, making sure that you improve English writing skills is a high priority. There are luckily many avenues for the professional story teller to take, including writing circles and clubs, creative writing courses, competitions that provide editor-feedback, interactions with editors, online forums, seminars and workshops.


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