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The National Education functions to develop the ability to form the nation's character as well as the civilization of dignity in the framework of the intellectual life of the nation, aims to develop students' potentials to become a man who is faithful and devoted to the Almighty God, morality, healthy, knowledgeable, capable, creative, independent and become citizens of a democratic and accountable (National Education System Law number 20 year 2003). Diponegoro University Institute of Higher Education as well as duty to spread and develop Science, Technology and the Arts, also a duty to educate students who will not only expected to master science and technology telecommunication, but also a human being beneficial for developing nations.

As an educated young people, university students represents a potential human resource for development. As citizens, students are entitled to education and teaching in accordance with their capabilities (the Constitution 45 Article 31). From the above two statements is clear that the government is obliged to provide facilities and infrastructure so that students have the opportunity to complete studies at the University of Diponegoro in the best possible and timely.

The fact indicates that not all parents / guardians of students able to finance the education their child at university, so that not infrequently lead to disturbance of the smoothness of the study and even with a very forced students who are weak socio-economic conditions should quit school.

Although many institutions that participate in the scholarship program, but the number is still very small. Therefore, efforts are being conducted so that the number of scholarships offered to increase, so that more students come from low socioeconomic be helped from the scholarships offered.