Diponegoro University opened as wide as possible for prospective students who are interested to participate in quality education in courses of study / department / faculty for the program strata 1 and diploma III, which exist in the environment Undip with through the selection as follows:

1. PSSB Line (Program Selection Potential Students) program for both Strata 1 (S1) or Diploma programs III (D-III). Selection is usually registration starting in January each year. PSSB path is the path without a test. Complete information published on the web site: pssb.undip.ac.id.Program PSSB for 2011 will receive from CMS (for some departments / faculties specific) for both S1 and D3.

2. Line UM I (Self Exam I) is the point of selection through a written test to participate in educational programs S1. For the year 2011, enrollment began approaching the implementation SNMPTN 2011.

3. SNMPTN Line (National Selection of Higher Education Student Affairs) is a test path through the national selection for educational programs S1.

4. Line UM II (Self Exam II) are writing a test track for S1 Regular II. Online Registration June - July 2011

5. Line UM D-III (Self Diploma Exam - III) is a written test for selection of specific courses Diploma III (D-III). Usually registration starts in July each year.

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Basic Reasoning Problem:
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Basic Mathematics for Science Program
Basic Mathematics for Social Program
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To enhance better service to students, the University of Diponegoro (Diponegoro University) are planning a strategy to strengthen international cooperation. One effort will be made, namely to encourage the quality of services ranging from promotion, registration up to the learning process to affect the interests of foreign students who wish to study at university.

''Steps taken to strengthen the function of the International Office Diponegoro University, where this is an important part in an educational institution and in line with the national education system in order to realize an intelligent human being and competitive,''said Rector Diponegoro University, Prof. Hadi MES Sudharto P PhD in Workshop International Office held Diponegoro University, yesterday.

In addition, he continued, strategies to influence attention to foreign students to study at Diponegoro University in line with the spirit of bringing the campus into a World Class University and meet the targets into the Excellent Research University in 2020. And with the existence of the International Office will become a tool that can be used as indicators of readiness Undip to achieve this.

Appropriate policies in 2011 regarding the quota of students who entered the Diponegoro University, namely 60% through national selection, 20% of PSSB and 20% more than students who excel academically but less economically. ''It certainly affect the State Revenue (PNPB) Diponegoro University International Office so that managers can be more creative and berswadaya in creating and developing what one has to create appropriate Undip who aspired without burdening the students,''he said.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector for Cooperation and Development IV Dr Muhammad Nur convey, that a world-class university can be categorized in 4 ways, namely teaching university, education niversity, reseach university and the entrepreneurial university. Currently Undip still in reseach university level, therefore the International Office to be an appropriate tool to be able to go on stage to the 4 that,''he explained.