Public universities (PTN) in Semarang, Universitas Diponegoro (Diponegoro University) and the State University of Semarang (Unnes), agreed not to raise tuition fees academic year 2011/2012.

Rector Prof. Unnes. Sudijono Sastroatmodjo say no difference for student tuition fees and examination through independent SNMPTN (UM) has been running as the previous year.

Starting from the contribution of development agencies (SPL), the contribution of education (SPP), the operational costs of education (BOP), as well as donations of educational facilities (SSP) for all the students expressed the same. "The difference occurs only at the cost of course exact and noneksakta. Even so, the difference is not so big, only around 100 thousand, "he said yesterday.

Cost SPL new school year is paid only once during college with the amount of Rp 5, 9 million. The amount is smaller than the previous school year Rp9-15 million range. While other costs, such as tuition, BOP, and SSP is paid each semester. "Each to SPP 400 thousand, BOP Rp450 thousand, and CNS Rp600 thousand on the exact course of study, while the nonesakta amounted to 500 thousand," he said.

Furthermore Sudijono Sastroatmodjo said this year Unnes get additional quota full scholarship study Shutter Mission that will be given to 450 freshmen. "So, for eight semesters in college, this scholarship recipients no longer need to spend a dime. They also will receive pocket money amounting to Rp600 thousand which is given each month, "he explained.

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Not far different with Unnes, Undip also accommodate the need for prospective students from among the underprivileged. This year has allocated 250 scholarships Undip Shutter Mission for prospective students. In addition, Undip also will disburse scholarship funds worth Rp 1 billion designated for approximately 1,600 needy students who will receive scholarship funds Rp750 thousand per semester.

"We will accommodate this year 20 percent of poor students received a student in Diponegoro University. If the total number of 8,000 new students, at least approximately 1600 students will get free tuition the first year, "said Rector Prof. Undip. Sudharto. For other students outside of the scholarship recipients, a number of college costs such as tuition, PRKP, SPI will also not increase. "If anything Donations Education Management Development (SPMP), it is voluntary for those who come from affluent families are better," he said.