According to the State Personnel Relations Board (BKN) English is one of the test material CPNS test consists of a general nature:
The content of the Indonesian language, English, Tests psychology, and The test of academic potential. Therefore, for prospective participants must try to understand the Cpns test material for an English exam with a lot of good practice, and training materials we submit to you for free on the site Enersi.com this, good luck to take the selection candidates for Civil Servants in 2011.

Educational institutions that use the concept of bilingualism (bilingual) must be fully supported by schools, teachers, and curriculum and teaching methods are appropriate. Otherwise, besides resulting in the academic and student skills, loosening ties to the use of national languages ​​could adversely affect their nationalism.

This was said by Antarina SF Amir, Chairman of the High / Scope Indonesia, Wednesday (13 / 5) yesterday, in a press conference and a seminar on "Dual Language Essentials for Teachers and Administrastors" in Jakarta. The event brings the concept of dual language speaker Dr. David Freeman and Dr. Yvone Freeman, "husband and wife linguistics" of the University of Arizona, USA.

For this reason, added Antarina, wishes of parents equip their children with English language should be cooked with a variety of considerations. In particular, when their favorite target schools that offer the concept. The reason, the concept of bilingualism is not just changing the language of instruction from Indonesian to English.

Antarina said, the application of the concept must be fully supported by schools, teachers, and curriculum and teaching methods are appropriate. "Otherwise, the result could have great impact on the academic side and the skills of students. In addition, there is increasing lack of use of the national language or Indonesia will also be a bad influence on nationalism students to the language of his own mother," said Antarina.

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"Subtractive" and "Additive"

Antarina said, there are several types of methods of teaching English to students whose first language is not English. But generally, an outline of these methods can be classified into two major groups, namely subtractive Additive Programs and Programs.

In subtractive Programs, instruction delivered in English. In this program, it is clear that the first language or Indonesian fully replaced by English as a second language. "With this concept some schools only teach Indonesian in Indonesian language teaching time, because all subjects are given in English," said Antarina.

That would, Antarina have great concern for students as young generation of Indonesia. "Because in English it would be a good student, both in academic and social. Conversely, when the Indonesian language should be limited only to their social language course, because it is often used only as a spoken language only," he said.

The opinion was echoed by Dr. David Freeman. David said his studies in several countries revealed, subtractive method reduces the risk of first-language skills in students.

"Slowly they are getting drowned in a second language and vice versa further away from the mother tongue, as a result they have no pride in our own national language," said David.

Meanwhile, the learning process on Additive Programs conducted in Indonesian and English. "With this method the school can develop students' academic language skills in both languages ​​at once," said Antarina.

Antarina added, encouraged students not only mastered English, but it strengthens the ability of Indonesian language itself. "With this method, English and Indonesian language becomes as important, the quality of students using two languages ​​can be relied upon in both academic and social language," said Antarina.

Based on that, now, said Antarina, High / Scope chose to apply the dual system of language that refers to the Additive Programs such as the learning process of students. It is at once mendapuk High / Scope as the first agency to apply this program in Indonesia.

For such needs, the curriculum is designed in such a way in a single concept or idea of ​​integrated subject matter of several subjects at once.

"One theme we synergize well as of all subjects ranging from science, mathematics, social, English, and Indonesian, it is also to make students not only good in speaking but also other skills," said Antarina.


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