Diponegoro University, more popularly abbreviated as UNDIP, was founded in October 15th, 1957 as a state University. UNDIP has a motto "Wiyata Hangreksa Gapuraning Nagara" that means Diponegoro University performed its function as education institution since the establishment by the first president of Indonesia, Ir Soekarno. The name of Diponegoro University was taken from a hero of a Central Java Hero Prince, whose heroism spirit against the Dutch colonization in the early eighteen-century inspired the development of Diponegoro University (UNDIP) since establishment.

The organization structure of Diponegoro University is regulated in a Decree of The Minister of Education and Culture RI No. 0202/0/1995, and then improved by Decree of The Minister of Education and Culture No. 0275/U/1996, interposed by PP. No. 60/1999 concerning Higher Education.

Diponegoro University (Undip) is located in Semarang the capital city of Central Java Province. The university comprises of 5 campuses located in the municipality of Semarang and the District of Jepara, about 70 Km northeast of Semarang. The Pleburan campus is the oldest campus among the campuses. It occupies approximately 7 ha, where all the faculties of Social Sciences, Post Graduate Program and several other units are located. The Gunung Brintik campus is location of dr. Kariadi Hospital which is state as Teaching Hospital of Faculty of Medicine. The Tembalang campus, the newest and largest campus of approximately 213 ha, is a location of central administration of all faculties of Sciences and Technology. Meanwhile, in Jepara, Teluk Awur campus, covering an area of approximately 60 ha, is the site of faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science.


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